Service Pricing

SMART MD Practices ~ Offering high quality services and competitive pricing to meet your clinic’s consulting needs.


SMART MD guarantees clients a fair and competitive price for the services and products we offer. We understand each client’s needs are unique, and we’ll provide an initial consultation at no charge, to discuss the items of interest to your clinic, and provide a quote for our services accordingly.

Simply contact us at, or complete our Contact Form, to provide a list of products and/or services your practice is interested in, and, you’ll receive a formal quote within 1-2 business days.

PRICING-Marketing & Referral Data Base:

SMART MD Practices offers customers two options in purchasing our Marketing & Referral electronic solution.The cost, is dependent upon which option your clinic selects:

  1. “Template” mode – database comes with the fields and options already existing and any additions, changes, or practice specific data must be completed after purchase and by practice personnel. 
  2. “Tailored-Set Up” mode – database will be set-up by SMART MD Practices, to include any additions, changes, and/or practice specific data as requested by the clinic, prior to receipt.

                *Our “Tailored-Set Up” option allows your practice to receive a clinic specific and fully functioning database ready for use upon upload, with all options and criteria your practice specifies. This option reduces time and work for your office manager or data entry personnel. In addition, our “Tailored-Set Up” includes basic training and support, at no additional charge.

  • “Template” Mode = $299.00
    • 1 Hour Remote Training = $59.00
  • “Tailored-Set Up” Mode = Complete our Contact Form to receive a formal quote
    • 1 Hour Remote Training = No charge
    • 30 day Support = No charge

Please feel free to contact us at, or complete our Contact Form, with any additional questions or to purchase our Marketing & Referral Data Base Solution.

PRICING-smartART Data Solutions:

SMART MD offers several options/packages for purchasing smartART™ Data Solutions. Final cost is based on the package selected by your clinic:

  Package #1:  Base System – includes System Application and the following Folders and Record Creation Capability

  • Patient/Client Folder
  • Cryo/Vitrified Materials Stored

  Package #2: All items in #1 – Plus   

  • Billing – Invoicing and Payments

  Package #3:  Includes all items in #1 – Plus

  • Third-Party Folders – includes
    • Egg Donors
    • Gestational Carriers
    • Donated Embryos

  Package #4:  Includes all items in #1 and #3 – Plus

  • Non-ART Treatment Cycles
  • ART Treatment Cycles – Fresh and Frozen (FET)
  • Calendar System for viewing Planned/Scheduled Egg Retrievals & Embryo Transfers
  • Pregnancy Outcomes (for SART submission)

  Package #5:  FULL System – Includes Packages #1, 2, 3, and 4.

  Package #6:  FULL System + Clinic Set-Up

  • Clinic Demographics Set-Up
  • Practice User(s) and Security Set-up
  • Custom Reports Set-Up
  • Four (4) hours – Remote Training for Clinic/System Administrator
  • Two (2) hours – Remote Training for Clinic User(s)
  • Thirty (30) days – Phone, Email, and Remote Support
  • Import & Integration of Current Clinic Records into smartART™  – data/records to be provided in one of the following electronic formats
    • MS Excel, MS ACCESS, Text File (txt or csv), or MS Word (doc) 

Our FULL System + Clinic Set-Up option reduces the required time, work, and associated cost for Data Entry, Lab, and Third-Party staff, and instead, allows your practice to hit the ground running, with patient files and current stored materials data ready for use. In addition, the user and security set-up, as well as remote training & support, are included at no additional charge.


  • Package #1 = $2,599.00
    • 1 Hour Remote Training – included
    • Email Support – included
    • Additional Training = $59.00 / hour
  • Packages #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6 = Please complete our Contact Form to receive a formal quote

To schedule a demo of smartART (or) with questions – Please complete our Contact Form (or) email:


Base/Initial fees:

Clinics are assessed the following:

  1. A one-time set-up fee, and
  2. A nominal monthly fee during each month of clinic participation.

Potential Additional costs/fees:

  • OPTIONAL – Microsoft Access Database for financial tracking of revenue and package cycles – Financial Tracking of Program Revenue & Cycles
  • OPTIONAL – Consultation with practice’s marketing team to generate marketing plan for Program website integration, other online marketing initiatives, TV, Radio, etc.
  • OPTIONAL – On site training for clinic staff and financial personnel-requires a minimum of 1-Full day for purchase, after the initial first full-day, can purchase in increments of Half-days.
  • *All quotes for on-site training or consultation(s) include costs for travel and expenses for SMART MD personnel.