smartART Data Solutions

smartART™ Data Solutions streamlines ART and Embryology Lab tasks.

smartARTwas built to meet today’s fertility clinics’ data maintenance needs. It simplifies tasks, tracks and maintains crucial data, and does it all in one system:

  • ART and Non-ART Treatment Cycles
  • Third-Party Information for Egg Donors, Gestational Carriers, and Donated Embryos
  • Egg, Sperm and Embryo Freezes and Inventory
  • Invoicing and Payments Tracking for Stored Materials
  • Cycle outcomes, Pregnancy Rates and SART data


smartART is a Windows based application that requires minimal time and effort for your practice to implement. The program can be placed on a single computer (CPU) and shared with other clinic users, uploaded to a shared drive (or) placed directly onto the clinic’s server for access and use by multiple staff and/or departments. smartART is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1.

Since smartART records are created for internal use only, there’s no need to interface smartART with your clinic’s EHR/EMR system. Clinics can, however, link the office’s email system to smartART, and use it to send information to clinic patients. Information such as: Egg Donor or Donated Embryo Profiles for review/acceptance, and Material Storage invoicing for client payment and collection.

smartART Provides the Following Data Solutions:


smartARTcan import patient demographics, or users can enter information directly into the system. Once a patient is added to the system, users can create any record directly from the patient file, or generate it separately in the specific record type folder. In either case, all records created will be linked, and accessible from the patient’s file.

Patient Demographics-File



Embryo Storage Form

Embryo Storage-Patient/Client



smartARTputs Embryology and Lab staff in control of the clinic’s Cryo/Vitrified Material Storage, including record creation and maintenance for all eggs, sperm, and embryos.

Embryo Storage

Embryo Storage


Embryo Freeze/Thaw

Embryo Freezing & Thaws



smartARTmakes tracking ART cycle outcomes, including pregnancy and delivery data easy, while offering users the ability to print or export reporting data for both internal and external use (i.e. CDC and SART).



Delivery Info

Delivery Information


Baby Info

Baby Information



smartART helps Third-Party coordinators with creating and tracking Gestational Carrier, Egg and Embryo Donor Profiles, and all related data and documents. The system replaces the need for ancillary Word or Excel documents and spreadsheets and/or paper files, currently used for matching and safeguarding the anonymity of Donors.

smartARTusers can create and track  basic or detailed information for Fresh and Frozen ART Treatment cycles. 

An Example of what can be accomplished in smartART™ is listed below:

  • CREATE an Egg Donor File to include:
    • Donor’s Demographics
    • Complete Profile (hair, eye color, height, weight, ethnicity, etc.).
    • Attach profile picture, baby pictures, etc.
    • FDA Screening and results – detailed input or simply attach lab results from EHR system (if preferred)
    • Attach – Donor program and treatment/cycle consent forms
    • Individual Cycle tracking – includes medication protocol (amounts used per cycle), egg retrieval (# of eggs retrieved-mature & immature), etc.
    • LINK all cycles the Donor has undergone – tracks the # of cycles initiated/completed for an individual Egg Donor
    • CREATE & LINK Recipient’s Cycle – includes medication protocol, sperm source, fertilization method and resulting embryos, embryo transfer, cycle outcome.
    • CREATE egg or embryo storage for Recipient patient/couple
    • CREATE egg storage for Clinic Donor cycles, used for Egg Banking
    • CREATE Pregnancy Outcome File for Recipient
Donor Demographics




Donor Profile & Treatment Cycle Tracking


BILLING-Invoice and Payment:

smartARTgives your clinic the ability to create, print, mail, or email, Invoices for patient material storage, as well as Payment posting and tracking for all related charges and payments.








smartART would not be complete without offering clinics the ability to set up both individual and group “users”. The system permits an Administrator to assign login and passwords to clinic staff, to maintain data integrity and security. System security is set by assigning individual or group privileges, and is done based on your clinic’s preferences or method of desired set-up.



Security Set-up