Physician Marketing and Referral Management

computer2Physician Marketing and Referral Management:

Physician marketing and referral management is a necessary part of doing business in today’s medical environment. But, spending money to promote your practice is useless… without an effective way to track the number, and the value of the referrals each source is generating.

While most Practice Management (P.M.) systems include some form of basic referral reporting, this is not the software’s main purpose. As a result, the information needed to determine the Return On Investment (ROI) for each marketing expense, is not available.

SMART MD has the solution:
Our Physician Marketing & Referral Management Database was built just for this purpose, and will track each new patient referral and link it to the originating advertising/marketing source, be it a paid or unpaid source, such as: social media ads or traffic, ad word campaigns or other internet sources, print, television or radio production, family/friend or existing patient, along with physician referrals and direct physician marketing.

The system can be tailored upon set-up, to ensure the needs and goals of your practice are met. And, standard and custom reports that include your entered data, is just a click away.

Our Marketing & Referral Data Base provides the information you need to determine your most and least profitable marketing avenues – in real time. And, making adjustments to your marketing plan is achieved using real data, instead of the “everyone in the market is doing….. we should too”.

The bottom line is this…. what works for others clinics may or may not work for yours, and in the end, what matters is: your practice and geographical location, and the challenges and opportunities your practice faces within the market. SMART MD’s  Marketing & Referral Data Base is ready to focus on your practice – are you?

See the below pics of views for this data base:


Fig. 1 – New Patient- Referral Source Entry

Figure 1


Fig. 2- New Patient- Appointment Assignment

Figure 2


Fig. 3 – New Patient Detail Entry Form

Figure 3


Fig. 4 – New Patient Referral Entry Form

Figure 4

Fig. 5 – Referral Data Report

Figure 5

Fig. 6 – Marketing Form Entry

Figure 6

Fig. 7- MD Marketing Entry Form & Referral Tracking

Figure 7

Fig. 8- Event/Marketing Tracking

Figure 8

Fig. 9 – Event Marketing Data Report

Figure 9

Fig. 10- MD Marketing Data Report

Figure 10